Call for Submissions Issue #5 — EXTENDED! To April 15th!

Illustration by Iggdeh

In 1910, women’s rights and labor activist Helen Todd declared that bread—“which is home, shelter, and security”—is just as necessary to life as roses—“music, education, nature and books.” The slogan “Bread and Roses” immediately became a rallying cry for a successful textile workers’ strike in Massachusetts in 1912, before going on to have a career in song and strike actions far beyond this moment.

The table and the imagination: the one of inconceivable value without the other.

Barricade wants to publish your translations of this and like-minded demands, from all places and times where the forces of capital and reaction have sought to separate them.

See our Submissions page for details on how to submit your translation manuscript. Deadline for the present call: April 15, 2022.