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Vol. 2, Issue 1 – Barricade

Vol. 2, Issue 1

No.1/Spring 2019


Letter from the Editors
Barricade Editorial Collective

The Funeral
Évelyne Trouillot
translated by Emelyn Lih

Only One Solution: To Remain Together!
Anonymous member of the ZAD
translated by Jake Nabasny

An Alternative to Liberal Globalization
Samir Amin
translated by Ellis Garey and Maru Pabón

Dark, Dark Country (Donker, Donker Land)
Ralph Rabie (a.k.a. Johannes Kerkorrel)
translated by Anneke Rautenbach

Scenes from a Civil War
José Carlos Mariátegui
translated by Juan Carlos Aguirre

Castor Oil and the Intelligentsia
José Carlos Mariátegui
translated by Juan Carlos Aguirre

Introduction from Neofascism and Ideology of Desire
Michel Clouscard
translated by Anastasia Garrel

Disrupting Illiberal Democracy: Gender, Boundary Crossings, and the Possibility of Kinship in Hungary
Orsolya Lehotai with Zach Rivers


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