Editorial Collective

Barricade: A Journal of Antifascism & Translation is housed at and supported by New York University’s Department of Comparative Literature and published by Cicada Press.

Our editorial collective consists of:

Elizabeth Benninger
Tuhin Bhattacharjee
Deren Ertas
Jessie Fredlund
G. Holleran
Joseph Keady
Yana Makuwa, Managing Editor
Amy Obermeyer
Anneke Rautenbach
Zach Rivers
Lauren K. Wolfe
Ami Xherro

Illustrations and page design by Daniel Del Toro (iggdeh)

Our editors-at-large consist of:
Sam Carter
Tea Hadžiristić
Lorina Hoxha
Eesha Kumar
Parmida Mostafavi
Ali Uğurlu

Call for Participation:

Barricade: A Journal of Antifascism and Translation is looking for a page designer to assist with laying out our print copy for the next issue. While it is not a paid position (no positions at Barricade are), we may be able to subsidize the subscription to InDesign for the duration of the project, and you will be recognized in both the online and print versions. The page designer will be responsible for laying out submissions following our established style guide (using templates from previous issues) and will work with our publisher to prepare the final copy for print publication. Candidates will need to have familiarity with InDesign and a strong commitment to antifascism.

This role will require you to be available to work 10 hours per week during May and early June 2021.

Please email us at contact@barricadejournal.org and attach a CV if you’re interested.

Barricade is seeking to expand its Editorial Collective.

This call for participation is open to translators, writers, educators and artists, with or without institutional affiliation. Responsibilities would include bilingual editorial review of submissions, according to linguistic competencies. Editors will be expected to provide comments, corrections and suggested revisions to translators and to work with translators to produce a publication-ready piece of writing.

The Barricade Editorial Collective follows a two-tiered structure that consists of Editorial Collective members and Editors-At-Large (EAL). Accepted applicants will serve for one journal edition cycle as an Editor-At-Large, working closely with an Editorial Collective member on preparing a submitted manuscript for publication. The Editor-At-Large is not expected to participate in Collective responsibilities. Upon successful completion of one issue of Barricade, the Editor-At-Large may be invited to join the Editorial Collective should they wish to do so.

To apply, please submit a CV, including a brief statement detailing your interest in the journal as well as a list of languages in which you have reading knowledge and with whose literary traditions you are familiar. Please also include in your statement a brief description of your philosophical attitude toward translation and your editorial style.

Send application materials to contact@barricadejournal.org, with “Editorial Board Application” in the subject line.