Issue 3

Spring 2020
Special Issue: Gender,  Sexuality, Politics


Letter from the Editors
by the Barricade Editorial Collective

Mujeres Libres: Selected Editorials
Mujeres Libres
Translated by Tess C. Rankin

Without a Compass
Luisa Carnés
Translated by Catherine Nelson

Nazi-Fascism and Anal Repression
Luciano Parinetto
Translated by Matthew Zundel

Restoration of Capitalism: Repatriarchalization of Society [excerpts]
Lilijana Burcar
Translated by Mirta Jurilj

Knowledge from Below: A Roundtable Conversation with the Co-Directors of the Feminist Autonomous Centre for Research in Athens
Moderated by Julia Tulke, with Myrto Tsilimpounidi, Aila Spathopoulou, Penny Travlou, Anna Carastathis

COUP: Anthology-Manifesto [excerpts]
Marcia Tiburi, Annita Costa Malufe, Ana Rüsche, and Denise Bottmann
Translated by Greice Holleran

Digital Shit Missiles
Zlatomir Zlatanov
Translated by Stanimir Panayotov

“Rebellious Postulations”: from Beyond the Power Principle
François Laruelle
Translated by Jeremy R. Smith

Red Vienna, 1919-1934: Ideas, Debates, Praxes
Curators Werner Michael Schwarz, Georg Spitaler, Elke Wikidal
Translated by Lauren K. Wolfe






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