Volume 4

Fall 2021


Letter from the Editors
by the Barricade Editorial Collective

Blazed & Other Poems
Written and translated by
    Patrick Sylvain

At the Charity Clinic
Taiko Hirabayashi
Translated by Amy Obermeyer

Unfinished Words About Our Arab Rulers
Faouzia Aloui
Translated by Ali Znaidi

I Will Meet You Again
Amrita Pritam
Translated by Paramita Purakayastha

Nihilist Manifesto
Woo-yeol Yoon
Translated by Rin Jung

Militarism in Asia: The Obligations of European Workers 
M. P. T. Acharya 
Translated by Smaran Dayal

The Capitalist Regime Is the Past. The Future Belongs to Communism and the Present Is Also on Its Side.
Carmen Lyra
Translated by Juan Manuel Ávila Conejo

An Interview with Julien Terzics, Ex-Skinhead Hunter
With Raphael of Story Next Door
Translated by David Campbell






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