In Solidarity with the Palestinian People: A Call for Contributions

A red, black, white, and green Palestinian flag on a light blue background with white clouds. There is a red heart superimposed over the red triangle on the flag. The flag reads "call for contributions in Solidarity with Palestine." Below the flag are the logos for Four Way Review and Barricade: A Journal of Antifascism and Translation.
Image by iggdeh.

More than three months into Israel’s latest escalation of a decades-long project of state-sponsored genocide of the Palestinian people, Gaza continues to face deadly bombings and attacks from Israel. According to Gaza’s Health Ministry, the death toll of Palestinians is in the tens of thousands, with no sign of Israel relenting.

In addition to our condemnation of Israel’s settler-colonialist project, Barricade and Four Way Review oppose the vehement support of Israel from the United States, which has been and remains complicit in the death and destruction in Palestine. While we stand against Anti-Semitism, we equally condemn Islamophobia, anti-Arab racism and xenophobia, and imperialism, all of which function together to murder and oppress the poor and working classes and to legitimize expropriation and forced displacement.

With this in mind, Barricade is collaborating with Four Way Review in order to use our platforms to uplift and disseminate translations from Palestinian writers, works in translation in solidarity with the Palestinian people, and other relevant works or projects. Barricade will share contributions on its forum Ramparts, a makeshift oppositional online space founded on the basis of urgency and necessity; Four Way Review will compile a selection of Ramparts posts into one of its themed “monthlies” this spring with the aim of expanding the reach of these writings and giving them a more permanent home.

Please email with your poems, essays, manifestoes, and pitches. Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis until further notice.